Rush Lanka Group continues to strive and persevere in the competitive nature of the real estate industry, as they recently introduce Rush 2 Homes with its unique focus on sustainability. 

Inaugurating its first company in 1992, Rush Property Developers (PVT) Ltd, Rush Lanka Group have come a long way in the industry, now establishing Rush Builders (PVT) Ltd, Rush Homes (PVT) Ltd, and Rush Housing (PVT) Ltd under their vast umbrella. With the desire to strike the perfect combination between conventional and innovative patterns within its designs, their most recent addition, Rush 2 Homes, guided by Sabeer Iqbal, Zaheer Ariff, and Saad Iqbal stands as a part of the group that provides its clients with the best fit for their respective lifestyles. 

With over 20 years of experience, Sabeer Iqbal, the Managing Director of Rush Lanka Group has contributed immensely towards the expansion of the Rush Lanka Group in establishing a prominent name in the real estate market. With the hope of further broadening their coverage to other diverse divisions in real estate, their recent establishment, Rush 2 Homes, encapsulates the entire marketing, selling, and buying process into one.

Being grounded in 1992, Rush Lanka has served an extensive number of clients while keeping up with the risky demands of the industry. Despite the dramatic changes posed by the pandemic and the challenges of the overall economic crisis, the company has managed to survive and thrive under the leadership of Sabeer. After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with experience in fashion and marketing, Sabeer first worked as a manager in one of Sri Lanka’s leading apparel exporting companies in the early 2000s, before he entered the industry of real estate. With diverse industry exposure and experience, Sabeer packs a great deal of creative vision accompanied by an astute entrepreneurial instinct that helped him co-found the Rush Lanka empire. 

With a strong portfolio that proves his subject knowledge in the vast area of the real estate industry, Sabeer has managed to contribute to many projects throughout his years in the industry. With that exposure, he is hoping to endure the next step in Rush Lanka, where an all-inclusive system is established, ensuring a client-centric process at the core of their operations.

“We are planning to make further headway with up and coming four new projects. Alongside, we are in the process of creating an investment opportunity, namely Rush 2 Homes, where brokers, agents, and clients can generate passive income.” 

According to Sabeer, Rush Lanka Group’s future vision is to broaden its horizon into new markets. Having developed and pioneered semi-luxury and luxury apartment settings, they plan to extend their services by targeting the overall needs of the real estate market. Rush 2 Homes intends to consider building cost-effective, dependable, and sustainable real estate solutions. Meanwhile, they desire to emphasize sustainable living while also highlighting the importance of environmental protection in construction as a vitally ethical consideration on behalf of the social responsibility they possess as an organization. Their primary goal remains to grow and progress, gradually incorporating people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, constructing apartments or vertical housing projects as an effective solution to the world’s growing population. Rush 2 Homes excels in providing these practical solutions without compromising the homely and comfortable impression the clients require, as they structure each project with extensive thought and planning, making it fit with the atmosphere in the best way possible. 

Focusing on the key aspects of marketing, social media, and creating brand awareness, Rush 2 Homes now looks forward to being an all-inclusive enterprise where their clients can reach out to them regarding any property needs. From getting legal advice to making sure they get the best valuation for their real estate needs, Rush 2 Homes is one call away from fulfilling all clientele’s needs. Marketing their properties to fulfil the buying and selling requirements, Rush 2 Homes hopes to be a holistic real estate enterprise that has taken a pioneering step in the Sri Lankan real estate market. 

“We hope to create an all-in-one real estate enterprise where our clients can be sure to get any service they may need, whether it be marketing, buying, selling, or legal services, all in one place at their convenience.”

The key missions of Rush 2 Homes persist as they are based on serving their clients with the best solutions available. The new all-inclusive service concept that Rush 2 Homes is looking to establish, yet again, circles back to that key factor. Clients can expect Rush 2 Homes to cover any branch of need, whether it is to rent a property, sell a property, or buy a property, all in one place with the solid assurance of having the mediation of well-experienced agents. As Sabeer continues to guide the corporation with his visionary view towards taking this revolutionary step successfully, Rush 2 Homes is sure to be the next giant in the industry.

Beginning his career in the real estate industry seven years ago, Zaheer Ariff, Director of Rush Lanka Group, has contributed to uplifting the Rush Lanka Group to advanced heights amidst the current contextual challenges of the industry of real estate. Looking over the key aspects of marketing and sales, Zaheer leads his team to resiliently tackle external and internal challenges of the industry while ensuring sustainable growth simultaneously.

“We face the challenge of increasing competition day-to-day. However, we channel this competition into motivation as we move forward. It is a factor of motivation for us more than thinking of it as a challenge”

The group’s secret is in sticking to its action plan in the face of adversity. Within the demotivating environment of the current economy, fluctuation rates, and the pandemic, Zaheer states that the company has still continued to score numbers under its sustainable vision. In an uncertain world where clients tend to be more paranoid, anxious, and fearful than ever, Rush 2 Homes continues to stand as constant with a solid plan in place, ensuring to continue providing their clients with the best property deals. 

“For a stranger to trust a stranger it takes a lot of effort, commitment, and investment. You have to build that relationship over time. Having a personal touch with each of our customers and gaining their trust is a priority for us and that is why as a policy we ensure to put in our 100% for each client.” 

Proving Zaheer’s statement accurate, Rush 2 Homes has a systemized policy structure as well as a service structure in place to ensure its clients have a smooth transaction journey. From the point of meeting the client to finalizing a contract, Rush 2 Homes makes sure to keep all necessary documents pre-ready, taking a huge stress load off of clients’

“As a leader, I make sure to let any individual do anything they want. I believe in providing freedom to let anyone show who they really are. Within that, I can identify real potential and encourage one to grow as a professional and then provide them with guidance when they need it.”

As a professional leader who looks to encourage independence within his team, Zaheer constantly encourages his team to step out of their comfort zone and continue to deliver their best by showing exemplary conduct himself. As indicated on the Rush Lanka Group website, clients are guaranteed to find a home they’ll enjoy living in all their life if they reach out to Rush Lanka. This is also applicable to the internal workplace of Rush Lanka as well, where employees of Rush Lanka could be ensured to enjoy and grow their careers within the Rush Lanka family under distinctive leaders such as Zaheer. 

Rush Lanka is oriented as a leading organization that is dedicated to designing and building comprehensive homes that are finished to perfection. Providing all-around facilities while offering their customers the best fit for their budget, each project is carried out with attention to detail, keeping in mind to always ensure the valuable trust of their clients. Within such goals, Zaheer Ariff will continue to direct Rush 2 Homes on a pathway to success, as he continues to offer leadership to achieve the vision of the corporation, which is to be the best contributor of real estate in Sri Lanka.

Saad Iqbal, the Chief Marketing Officer of Rush Lanka Group, contributes to upholding the customer-centric approach upon which the company is built. With over 15 years of working experience, Saad has evolved to be the CMO of Rush Lanka Group, from being the founder and CEO of a travel start-up and having served in several managerial positions in both local and international firms. He is well equipped with a wealth of experience dominant in the industries of travel, real estate, and apparel.  

“‘Rush 2 Homes’ main focus is on clients’ requirements. We work on providing the best possible real-estate solutions catered to the customers in Sri Lanka, as we understand the uncertain situations in the country can be crippling for all clients” 

Rush 2 Home guarantees that any rigorous documentation relating to real estate is managed and handled in the most effective manner, ensuring convenience and proficiency. Efficiency and trust are crucial components of Rush 2 Home’s customer service and according to Saad, the underlying guideline for providing their best service to their clients is to “never say no.” Rush 2 Homes looks forward to extending their network further, with the strong trust of their client network propelling the company’s future. The future vision of Rush 2 Homes is mostly centred around the industry’s digital marketing features. 

“Sri Lanka has developed into a new era. As you know, social media plays a big role in the marketing industry nowadays. We value our presence on social media as we see the prominence and influence it can bring to our brand. We hope to adhere to our brand values while adapting to these new changes the industry demands.”

With a future goal to capture new markets and expand Rush 2 Homes’ position within the digital platform, the firm looks forward to establishing and strengthening its influence within the local sector, which might someday acquire worldwide stature. Within this objective, the leading network of Sabeer, Zaheer, and Saad will remain prominent and cohesive as the corporation scales new heights based on its fundamental brilliance.