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Established in 1992 under the guidance of our Chairman, Rush Property Developers (Private) Ltd stands proudly as a flagship entity within the esteemed Rush Holdings. Our portfolio comprises luxury and semi-luxury apartments that seamlessly blend classic aesthetics with modern innovation. Security remains paramount in our designs, providing a haven of safety for you and your loved ones. Additional thoughtful facilities amplify your comfort, while an unwavering attention to detail ensures impeccable finishes. Trust us to transform your vision of a dream home into an enduring reality. In a momentous expansion, we are thrilled to announce the presence of Rush 2 Homes in Dubai. This exciting endeavor, led by our Managing Director Sabeer Iqbal, brings the excellence and innovation synonymous with our name to this dynamic city. Welcome to the Rush Holdings, where your ideal living space not only awaits but is elevated to new horizons.

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Rush Holdings Consists of

  • 1992-2004
    Rush first building
    1992-2004: Commencement of Rush Property Developers (Private) Ltd, marking a modest inception in apartment construction. Our journey began in 1994, culminating in the successful completion of our inaugural project.
  • 2005-2015
    Rush Reliance
    2005-2015: A decade defined by remarkable growth, witnessing the realization of 16 distinctive projects. This period underscored our commitment to excellence in construction and development.
  • 2015-2023
    Rush tower 2
    2015-2023: A strategic evolution unfolded as we extended our footprint to Dubai, forging strategic alliances with prominent Middle Eastern developers. This expansion underscores our pursuit of global real estate ventures.