Tripartite agreement

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Tripartite agreement

We acknowledge that it is not easy to purchase a home of your own with the expenses that are already at hand. So in order to make our customers lives easier, Rush Lanka Group has initiated an agreement with Amana Bank to provide long term home finance for its customers.

Rush Lanka Group successfully signed its first Tri Partite agreement with Amana Bank PLC, for Rush Court 2. This transaction took place in the presence of the team members of Rush Lanka Group and Amana Bank PLC.

Tripartite agreement is the process of obtaining a housing loan for the apartments that are still under construction and Amana Bank with the help of Rush Lanka Group, is the first Islamic Bank in Sri Lanka to sign a Tripartite agreement.

If you have been putting off purchasing a new home for your family due to your existing commitments, say no more, Amana Bank now provides long term home financing for the projects of Rush Lanka Group.
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